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“Home is our haven away from the pressures of the outside world, where we gather with friends and family, says interior designer and antiques purveyor William R. Eubanks. “It is our respite; out shelter away from the economic downturn.” With offices in New York, Palm Beach, Memphis, Tennessee, and a showroom in Palm Beach, Eubanks and his team work internationally to design and decorate entire homes. Eubanks and his partner Mitchell Brown are knows for designing sumptuous rooms, especially useful during this economic period for dining rooms. “In these times, exotic holidays are being exchanged for redesigning one’s personal environment.  Comfort at home is the one commodity that has increased in value, and the best conversation flows around your dining room table at home.” His latest creation is a new signature candle, which, he says, “will enhance the ambiance of your home, adding another dimension to the renewed definition of ‘home is where the heart is.’ “