William R. Eubanks

Quest March 2005

Written by Georgina Schaeffer
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1. Update your fabrics to change a room. Do not be afraid of vibrant new color combinations. Fabrics can be like old shoes: the longer they stay in one place, the less we tend to notice them. I turn to Christopher Hyland when I am looking for fanciful new fabrics that are both historically inspired and edgy!

2. Change a room’s carpet to alter the mood of a space. When I am looking for a new carpet design or a spectacular antique Oushak, I visit Stark Carpets.

3. Light your space by thinking of each room as a stage set. The more levels of light you introduce into a space, the more interesting it becomes. Carlos de la Puente Antiques and Chameleon Antiques have storehouses of lighting fixtures from which to choose.

4. Add a beautiful antique piece of furniture to your room to create a sense of history and timelessness. I often call on our friends at Hyde Park or Kentshire when searching for just the right Regency lacquered chairs or inlaid sideboard.

5. Augment the architectural details of a space by adding appropriate panel molding, casings, over-door moldings, baseboards, and crown moldings. This will expand your space and add interest to the walls and ceiling. Give new height to a room by increasing the height of room openings.