PALM BEACH SCENE January 15, 2009

Press Photo

Over the years we have become spoiled by having one of America’s most popular interior designers being based here in Palm Beach. William R. Eubank’s name is synonymous with refined, classic interior design. At the mention of his name, one envisions comfortable, but timeless, decoration of sumptuous silk and damask fabrics, as well as period antiques from Europe. Bill’s clients all agree that he has extraordinary talent, he listens to what his client want and then he translates it into a reality.

In this project, we are featuring his clients Helen and Bill Benton’s beautiful home in Sea Island, Georgia. They told Bill and his Vice President, Mitch Brown, that they wanted to use the natural beauty of the setting as the inspiration for the interior of their house. The property is divinely set on the edge of luminous salt marshes and surrounded by water, grasses and hedges on three sides. Eubanks took his inspiration from the spectacular landscape as the setting is quite breathtaking. They took extra care with the finishes and textures, as the lines of the home are simple. All around the house you will see the use of natural materials including ebony, parchment, stone and wood. Mirrors are used throughout the house as they reflect the natural beauty from outside within.

Eubanks was born in Tennessee and has a true passion for “the art of living” with his keen eye and a practical historical knowledge, he is able to mix a wonderful array of different textured fabrics and furniture with rare antiques. He received a Bachelor of fine Art degree in Interior Design from the University of Memphis and was designing homes and apartments before he even graduated. Mr. Eubanks formally founded his interior design firm in Memphis in 1976 and was quickly recognized as a master of graceful living. Over the years he has received many awards and recognition for his work and he is published frequently in all of the Interior publications.

Bill and Mitch both agree, that a home should not only be beautiful and elegant but also reflect the people living there. They create rooms that are comfortable, livable and timeless. As Eubanks told us at Scene, “I have always been very fortunate in having the most wonderful clients who have all become friends over the years. If I have had to have a motto, it would be that good design is like good bone structure, a wonderful foundation on which to build.”