The Many-Splendored World of William R. Eubanks

Palm Beach Society March 24-30, 2006

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William R. Eubanks got off to a quick start as an interior designer in his hometown of Memphis; while still a student in interior design school, he met Elvis Presley and was invited to Graceland to give his impressions to the King. Although less than overwhelmed by the decorations and finery of the legendary home, born gentleman and diplomat Mr. Eubanks told Elvis, “I’ve never seen anything quite like it before in my life!” That pleased the entertainer and started a relationship between them that led to Mr. Eubanks designing several of the rooms of Graceland, including the Billiard Room and Media Room, which are still on tour there. This chance encounter at a young age set the stage for the many-splendored world of Mr. Eubanks in his career of creating designs unlike anything anyone had ever seen before!

Mr. Eubanks is a voracious peripatetic! He saunters between various forms of expression—interior design, art, symbolism, sculpture, gardening, nature and the environment, music and opera, far-flung travel, reading, and collecting priceless period antiques—with ease and equanimity and pays homage to each dimension he explores. He is thus able to extract the essence of each medium and yet be comfortable in terra incognita—unknown territory.

His work reflects his feeling—the more we look into the past, the more we’ll see the future. His designs may define an ancien regime or a futuristic trend, but as he is quick to point out in Tallyrand’s words, “without too much zeal.” He appreciates sumptuous fabrics of silk and damask, rich jewel-tone colors, gift mirrors, Flemish tapestries, French ormulu, paintings by the Old Masters, fine porcelains, Aubussons and Oushaks, but is convinced that real elegance is simply the appropriate made supremely comfortable. In all his doings, Mitch Brown, Vice President of Sales and Design, is part of a winning duo of talent. “Mitch comes to us with a rich design background in his own right,” says William. Together they prove four keen eyes are better than two.

William R. Eubanks is quietly in control of his life and his work. His designs are featured in publications like Southern Accents, Veranda, Great Designers of the World, Avenue, Quest, Florida Design, Architectural Design, Classic American Homes and Leading Estates of the World. As he says, “My work is a better spokesman for my design than I am. Clients can judge what I can bring to the party by seeing examples of what I’ve done for others. Although I insist on being professionally up to speed, I believe that timeless is better than trend du jour, and that comes through in my work time and time again.”