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The grand entrance hall and upper gallery, as designed by William R. Eubanks and D. Mitchell Brown, was a grand treat. Eubanks and Brown did a phenomenal job with all aspects of their design area, which spanned two floors. The very able designers brought in their own artwork collection to adorn the walls, hearkening back to the art that would have fit the mansion in its early days, while also including a fun splash of color. Moving up the grand staircase and noticing the humbling effect of these sizable classic pieces, it was easy to imagine that things couldn’t possibly get better. However, Eubanks and brown took what should have been a cold, dark area, and turned it into a warm and inviting area for conversation. The designers noted that they hoped to transform the grand entrance into the “heart” of the house. They certainly accomplished this task, even adorning the wooden-paneled wall with a multi-colored Pollock-esque piece, showcasing brightly colored hearts within one another. 

Using the wooden interior to great advantage, the New York and Palm Beach-based designers brought in bright, beautiful satin pillows to adorn terribly inviting couches and tables adorned with hand-sized delights of all sorts. Eubanks has been designing for three decades, and has been described by clients as “the best in interior design.” Eubanks is a member of the Interiors Design Alliance Advisory Board and a member of ASID and IIDA and of the Interior Design Advisory Board of the University of Memphis, among other memberships. His designs have also been featured in many magazines, including “Great Designers of the World,” “Veranda” and “100 Designers’ Favorite Rooms.” Brown has been working with Eubanks for 10 years, and is the vice president of interiors and showrooms at William R. Eubanks, Inc. His work has also been featured in a number of prominent publications, including “Best of Florida Design,” “Veranda” and “Spectacular Homes of Metro New York”. Brown and Eubanks both currently work at William R. Eubanks, Inc., of Palm Beach, New York and Memphis, though they also have taken on various projects in Los Angeles and currently, Montecito. Both of these gentlemen use classic elements in their designs and have designed for A-list clients. Though the competition was excellent, this design was the highlight – don’t miss it! This area made sumptuous and elegant sophistication truly inviting. Participating in this experience of artistic material majesty – and knowing it’s for a great cause – could make this the best entertainment value around.



Tickets are only $30 per person to see the amazing things the designers put into Greystone. The fun only lasts for about two weeks, though – so don’t delay!  All proceeds from the tours will be donated to Friends of Greystone, the Beverly Hills organization dedicated to the upkeep and promotion of this local monument. There will be a number of celebrations to kick off the opening of “Great House.” On October 30, there will be a preview gala at Greystone (the “Chinoiserie Au Jardin”), to take place at Greystone from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. It will be hosted by Lisa Newsom, Ann Getty, Mary McDonald and Nathan Turner. Newsom is the founder of Veranda magazine and editor-in-chief, Getty is the honorary chairperson, and McDonald and Turner are the event co-chairs. Tickets are $300 each and will be available for a limited time. If you can’t make that party, the mayor and Beverly Hills City Council will be hosting another cocktail reception at Greystone next Wednesday, October 29, also from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tickets are $100 per person, and advanced registration will be required. Interested parties can call (310) 285-6850 for further information. I hope you get a chance to see this “Great” showcase!