South Florida Inspiration

Grandeur February 15, 2008

Written by Christine Davis

Photographed by Kim Sargent, Sargent Architectural Photography

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What would a beautiful, blonde and fashionably tan lady who adores Florida want in her Manhattan apartment?

Sunshine, shells and sand, say decorators William Eubanks and Mitch Brown of William R. Eubanks, Inc.

So that’s what they gave her when they decorated her apartment. They kept those elements in mind, along with other ingredients that she asked them to add into the mix - things feminine, elegant and sexy.

First, the design team considered color. “We used a South Florida palette,” Eubanks says. “That gave us a very soft and airy feeling. That’s why you see the soft sand, rose and blue colors.”

Shell tones were used extensively, too, he explains. The designers chose ivory for the overall color of the room as well as the predominant fabrics.

“We brought the light blue wash in the curtains,” adds Brown. “It’s a soft sky-blue-and-shell silk stripe.”

Once the basic palette was established, the two turned to textures.

“We tried to give her something soft and feminine in the rooms, elegant but comfortable, so we used furniture that you’d want to curl up in,” Brown says.

“The sofa with the tufted seat and the loose cushions, she loves to sit there,” Eubanks adds. “It’s a silk damask - cool and soft.”

With the Florida feeling and femininity addressed, what about the element of elegance? French Art Deco cane chairs and a silver-leaf cane table certainly added that, as well as the two white marble and bronze dore gueridon tables, black-lacquer coffee tables and Asian “Chow” tables.

For carpeting, the design team selected an antique Oushak.

“It’s all that soft shell color. You can hardly see the pattern, it’s so beautiful,” Brown says.

Then Eubanks and Brown decided to add a bit of a reflective quality via the rock-crystal teardrops in the chandelier and obelisks on the circular tables. A set of monkey figurines, as well as the finials on the drapery rods, are also of rock crystal.

And what did they use to add the sexy element? “The smaller silk sofa is lipstick red,” points out Eubanks.

Eubanks remarks that this room is a favorite, because it’s one of his most peaceful and comfortable. Brown loves it because it’s “wonderfully romantic and smart, especially when the candles are lit.”

The room, adds Eubanks, truly reflects his stylish client.

Brown agrees: “We try to make sure that our clients look good in their spaces, and she would wear every color in this room.”

And what makes this space truly a wonder? The style could work anywhere, which is why this Floridian-in-spirit, cosmopolitan woman loves it so.