Innovators for the New Century

Great Designers of the World, third edition Bibliotheque: World Wide, 2002

Written by John Pellam and Corinne Z. Kopen
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William R. Eubanks opened his interior design firm in 1976 in Memphis, Tennessee, after receiving his B.F.A. degree from the University of Memphis. In 1990, he expanded his Memphis showroom to a 12,000 square foot Georgian-style former residence in order to showcase 17th, 18th, and early 19th century English and Continental antiques as well as his design work. At this time, he began a partnership in the antique business with longtime friend John M. Ferguson, who is the Director of Antiques for the corporation. With increased projects on the upper East coast, the business was expanded in 1995 to the upper east side of New York. Last season, the most recent showroom opened in Palm Beach, Florida. Recently, D. Mitchell Brown of Los Angeles, California, joined the company as Executive Director.
Some of the publications Mr. Eubanks’ projects have been published in include Southern Accents, Veranda, Classic American Homes, Avenue Magazine, 100 Designers’ Favorite Rooms, Showcase of Interior Design, and Great Designers of the World. William R. Eubanks Inc.’s projects extend from Palm Springs to Palm Beach in the U.S. Other cities where projects are located include Boston, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Chicago, Miami, Tampa, and Mobile, as well as projects abroad in France and Peru. A staff of over twenty professional designers, draftsmen, expeditors, seamstresses, and upholsterers contribute to the execution of these projects.

“The design of my newest showroom in Palm Beach was originally a deco-style space which was transformed into an 18th century Continental salon. It is a little jewel box filled with English and Continental antiques and is a perfect example of our signature style which marries elegance with comfort. Travel has had an enormous influence on my work. The order and timelessness of the Old World holds great appeal for me, which I hope is reflected in my work. Collaborating with my clients is a great part of the business. My goal is to create a personal, exciting atmosphere that is easy to live with and is comfortable as well as elegant. In short, classic design not only lends itself to comfort and elegance, but also wears well over the years and can be added to over time. I believe good design is like good bone structure - the best foundation on which to build.”