Dogs I’ve Nosed


Written by Jack Kenner

Photographed by Jack Kenner

Press Photo

It is extraordinary today to think in our search for the perfect companion, the world is truly our oyster. No longer do we look in our own backyard so to speak, but rather we reach out through the world of the Internet. No distance is too great once we have set eyes upon the one we know we belong with. So began my journey from Memphis to Ontario.

The moment the litter of harlequin puppies appeared on my screen, I immediately found my London.

I was certain we belonged together.

The anticipation and excitement were high as I crossed the border into Canada and drove into the countryside three weeks later.

When Meira placed London in my arms for the first time, I knew I had made the right choice.

That silky white bundle with distinctive black markings, one blue eye juxtaposed with one green eye, and huge feet was the new friend and companion I had been looking for to fill a major void since the recent loss of my beloved harlequin Angus. As he has grown daily, almost visibly into early adulthood, London has become even more endearing and loyal.

His regal appearance is never more apparent than when we are taking our morning walk or riding in the car with his head out the window.

Angus would be so proud!