A Star by Design

Culture & Leisure, Special Edition 2007

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Nashville, TN - In the Getting Personal section of C&LM’s Winter 2007 issue, we featured acclaimed interior designer WILLIAM R. EUBANKS. Little did we know that he would go on to be presented with the inaugural Star of Design Award in the field of Interior Design. Given on January 24 by Charles Cohen on behalf of THE DESIGN CENTER OF THE AMERICAS, the award singled out Eubanks as one of the best in his field, as determined by a panel of renowned professionals and members of the media.

In addition to this achievement, Eubanks was included in Shelter Magazine’s celebration issue of its “Best of the Best.” The magazine also tapped him to serve as the keynote speaker for the opening ceremonies of Market Week at the Design Center of the Americas, an honor he received from Veranda magazine in 2006. Eubanks was named by Elements of Living as one of the top 50 designers in the United States, and he has been among the few designers worldwide interviewed for inclusion in a recent book by renowned academician Frank Koe. We at C&LM wish him all the best.