A Lion of Luxurious Living

TIMES - South Florida Magazine of the Arts, Vol. 8, Issue 4

Written by Audrey Diamond
Press Photo

William R. Eubanks is a man well versed in the ways of “Graceful Living:” a man who relishes in the beauty of life and then presents it to us in many different forms, whether it be through extraordinary interior design, collecting of exquisite antiques, or classic gardening. His interests are vast, ranging from nature and the environment, to opera, travel and reading. He is a man with energy and intensity, who, as a designer, can breathe life into any space.

Mr. Eubanks received his bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Memphis. His upbringing and formal education taught him a valuable lesson that he would bring to each of his design clients, that an artful arrangement and presentation of one’s surroundings affects one’s emotions. Immediately out of college, he created a client list from past classmates. As the word spread about William’s incredible talent and his dedication to his work, he decided to take it to the next level by opening his own design firm in Memphis, Tennessee in 1976. He was challenged again by his clients, traveling across the globe to collect rare objets d’art, such as gilt mirrors, Flemish tapestries, French ormulu, fine porcelains, paintings by Old Masters, plush draperies, wall hangings, Aubussons and Oushaks.

He collected some incredible design ideas and design treasures throughout his travels; by then it was time for him to take all of his knowledge and design expertise to create his own personal oasis. Finding the perfect living space for Mr. Eubanks would be a search that would bring joyous results. In Memphis, he found the luxurious landscape called Carrier Hall. During the 1920s and 1930s, Bryant Fleming, the head of architecture and landscape design at Cornell University, had built some English country homes across the east coast. These sprawling estates were the homes to many moguls, such as Andrew Carnegie and Everett Macy. With its fourteen rooms, guesthouse and summerhouse, Carrier Hall proves to be a gem to all of those who visit its environs.

During the late 80s and 90s his client list was bursting at the seams, a New York showroom then opened, and in 2001 a Palm Beach showroom followed, which he quadrupled in size in the second year. Clients who call on Mr. Eubanks for his signature style range from New York, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, South Beach, Boston, Washington D.C., Lima, Versailles and St. Croix, just to name a few. While many of his clients prefer the timelessness of the Old Masters, he is also able with his formal training to work with many different styles, including minimalism and contemporary.

In the past, Mr. Eubanks has made notable contributions to various charities and arts groups in the Palm Beach area. What’s next for Mr. Eubanks? This spring he will again volunteer his talents and support to organizations he cherishes. From March 21st through March 26th, Mr. Eubanks will participate with Mrs. James F. Keenan in the Norton Museum’s “The Art of Beautiful Table Settings: Dining in the French Style.” They have chosen as the title of their table setting “le Diner en Or” (“The Dinner in Gold”). In April Mr. Eubanks will unveil his design for a room in the 2003 Designer Show House for the Palm Beach County Chapter of the American Red Cross. The spectacular library room “William R. Eubanks Designs with Fabrics by Christopher Hyland” will be on view from April 4th through April 21st.

His ideals continue to fuel his creativity and work ethic. He’s passionate about his art and has stayed true to his basic design principles of pleasing combinations of color, texture, classic furniture and objets d’ art. “Formal education, reading and travel - all activities which expose one to history and art - keep me constantly fascinated in the field of design. The practical side of my work functions by having the best team of designers - designers who know what is available in the marketplace and how to secure it. At William R. Eubanks, Inc., we try to create interiors of relaxed elegance by the selection of comfortable upholstered pieces, sumptuous fabrics, rich color schemes and glorious accessories. The layering of varied textures and the balance of organic and architectural design, along with these elements, create a timeless expression of refined taste.”

He is a man inspired by the world around him. Says Eubanks, “From chips of ancient frescoes to bold brushstrokes of color in contemporary painting, I am inspired by the artifacts of man in the context of nature. My muse is the individual taste of each client: color palette, design preference and most of all, personality.” Mr. Eubanks’ greatest gift is his love of people. The only fierce thing about this Palm Beach lion is his talent and drive.