A Bird’s Eye View

Quest: The Design Issue March 2008

Written by Georgina Schaeffer
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When interior designers William Eubanks and Mitch Brown of William R. Eubanks Interior Design arrived on site at an apartment that had remained untouched for forty years, they found a configuration that took no advantage of the views of the park, ceilings that were a mere eight-feet high, and an oppressive layout.

The upcoming book Spectacular Homes of Metro New York, to be released in April, features the results of the renovation. Ceilings were raised over two feet, walls were removed and relocated for better proportions, and doors were centered to create formal, classical, and balanced spaces. “Our client is a very spiritual person,” says Eubanks. “She is a follower of Jungian psychology and a devotee of feng-shui. We created a corner for money and a corner for love. We even had a feng-shui master come in for the layout.”

Elemental properties were also brought into the space, such as the Bagues rock-crystal chandelier in the dining room. “It gives strong energy to the room,” describes Brown. Throughout the apartment, a clear and un-muddied palette enhances this gracious residence. “She wanted soft, feminine, sexy colors,” continues Brown. From the vibrant red of the library (a color of power) to the apple-green upholstered walls of the dining room, colors envelope and enliven every room. “It is always great to have a client who isn’t afraid of color,” Brown says.

A pale French gray provides the backdrop for an explosion of color in the bedroom. “We took those colors directly from her wardrobe and everyone wants to look their best when in the bedroom,” Eubanks says.

They had little time to finish the job, but it was all worth it to see the joy on their client’s face, Eubanks says. “[She] walked into the apartment and said, ‘You’ve been inside my head,’” he says. “And she truly has become a wonderful, wonderful friend.”